Granada Early Music Festival

MAG intends to be a music festival that brings together the artistic 
and musical heritage of the city and province of Granada, recovering 
the legacy that for centuries was conceived in these lands. The aim is
 to encourage a multidisciplinary meeting where consolidated bands and 
new bands share their music, and synchronizing concerts with lectures 
and meetings with experts on various subjects related to ancient music 
(medieval, Renaissance and Baroque). In this sense, not only seeks to 
promote and disseminate the music of these periods, but also to present 
citizens with a comprehensive proposal for the rich culture of these 
centuries, covering topics such as art, history and literature, as well as 
how in these disciplines dialogue with musical expressions in question.

(Paulina Lorca Koch)




Martes 10/05/2016

Fundación Euroarabe, 18.00

Manuela Cortés & Aziz Samsaoui

Conferencia – Concierto Música Andalusí

Miércoles 11/05/2016

Cuarto Real de Santo Domingo, 20.00

Seda y Bambú

Viento del Este, Viento del Oeste:

Un Viaje Musical por la China Antigua

Jueves 12/05/2016

Palacio de los Córdova, 20.00

Veterum Mvsicae

Música entre Fronteras del S. XV

Viernes 13/05/2016

Casa de Zafra, 20.00

José Luis Pastor

El Arte Medieval de la Péñola

Sábado 14/05/2016

Capilla Real de Granada, 20.00

Coro Tomás Luis de Victoria

Conmemoración del V Centenario Fernando el Católico

Miércoles 18/05/2016

Iglesia Santa María de la Alhambra, 20.00

DeMusica Ensemble

O Clarissima Mater:

Conventos Femeninos, Monjas Compositoras

Jueves 19/05/2016

Corral del Carbón, 20.00

Iman Kandoussi

Recital Poetas Andalusíes

Viernes 20/05/2016

Museo Casa de los Tiros, 18.00

Carles Magraner

Conferencia del VII Centenario Ramón Llull

Museo Casa de los Tiros, 20.00

Capilla de Ministrers

Conmemoración del IV Centenario de la muerte de Cervantes

Sábado 21/05/2016

Palacio de Dar Al-Horra, 20.00

El Parnaso Español

Conmemoración del III Centenario Sebastián Durón

Published by Guitarmaker-Luthier Daniel Gil de Avalle

Experience and Recognition. Master Artisan Guitarmaker:Junta de Andalusia (regional government of Andalucia). Spanish national artisan prize: "Best Product" runner-up. Della Robbia artisan prize, Seville. " Quality Award", best logistics. Over 20 years experience dedicated to making guitars implies great customer satisfaction and has led to world-wide recognition through national and international media (Television, Web and Press), various specialist magazines on guitars such as the prestigious magazine Acordes and some time ago the Museum of Andalusia.

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