World Environment Day 5 June. CITES and non-tropical wood in guitar-making.

Logo of the United NationsWorld Envirnoment Day 5 June

I dedicate this post to the “World Environment Day” held every 5 June, with Canada being the host country in 2017.

As guitar maker, I am very much concerned about environment. I am constantly trying to improve, innovate but also, to respect  environment. That is the reason why I am included in the list of the Leonardo Research Project encouraging luthiers to use and get adapted to non-tropical wood species in guitar-making. By now I only use wood with CITES or non-tropical wood, but there is still much to research about wood species and respect to our environmentañ heritage.

Through this link you will be informed on how to participate:


World Environment Day is a chance to reconnect with nature and celebrate the places that matter most to you.

World Environment Day logo: I'm with nature

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Published by Guitarmaker-Luthier Daniel Gil de Avalle

Experience and Recognition. Master Artisan Guitarmaker:Junta de Andalusia (regional government of Andalucia). Spanish national artisan prize: "Best Product" runner-up. Della Robbia artisan prize, Seville. " Quality Award", best logistics. Over 20 years experience dedicated to making guitars implies great customer satisfaction and has led to world-wide recognition through national and international media (Television, Web and Press), various specialist magazines on guitars such as the prestigious magazine Acordes and some time ago the Museum of Andalusia.

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